San Shen Development Co., Ltd. was established in 1971 and dealt in small wooden furniture and produced various types of wooden building materials in the early stages. Later we produced hardwood doors, doorframes, wood floors, and wall panels marketing to Japan. In 1980, we were specialized in hardwood doors, doorframes, cupboard doors and different kinds of door panels and make forward to professional door expert.
We have had plentiful manufacturing experience for more than 20 years in wooden door field and exported our products to Japan for more than 15 years. The quality of our products also gained clients' good comments.
Except for our continuously developed new products, we also serve clients with custom-made products and provide complete service for coating, drilling hardware holes and a variety of glass installation.
For clients' satisfaction and reaching the goal of eternity management, our company is devoted to these management ideas "Quality, Service, Innovation, Fast"
We will always serve you with a sincere heart and welcome you to contact with us.

1. Characteristics of hardwood doors:
cozy, elegant and artistic temperament symbolizes the eternity of nature. Genuine grains add features to every wood door.
2. Characteristics of joint-elm:
patented reformed square tenon construction can sustain more moist and hot or dry and cold climate than round tenon construction, and door panel rhombus inclination or door frame stuck by door panel resulting from slipping out of the joint.

3. Company profile :
customization for Japanese customers at the early stages, focused on wood finished products made by concentrated labor, subsequently, it was mainly dealing in building materials. In 1987, we cooperated with a Japan's building material purchasing group exporting hardwood doors, door frames, wall panels and kitchen doors. Under the strict QC demands for marketing to Japan,
SAN-SHEN has established its unique style and superior quality in this profession. From material importation, design, finishing, coating, glass installation, packaging to delivery, we fully masters every detail of production to meet customer demands.

4. Product characteristics:
From 70's carved hollowed doors, 80's hardwood artistic doors to 90's super modern artistic glass doors, SAN-SHEN has been making forward to diversified designs which has changed the dull patterns of hardwood to the vivid style to your family.

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Thoughtful service for five custom-made ways:
Product pattern (variety): custom-made or ready-made patterns for customers. Through professional consultation, you can find a more suitable door for your upholstery
Wood species (diversification): tropical Asia cedar, Philippine lauan, North America pine, Vietnam cedar, teak, Taiwan fir, Taiwan cedar and others
Glass installation (multi-color): unique glass installation service matching diamond carving, colored drawing, sand blasting and inlay glasses can enhance its extraordinary value and temperament.
Multi-colored coating: various colors for selection and swatches available for coating according to customers' demands.
Diversified service: expect for the doors of bedrooms, we also serve you Japanese-style doors (hushuma), cupboard doors, wooden screens and wooden windows.

*Except for the above-mentioned custom-made five service, we attentively make doors for you as for ours.
*Quality demands: for customers' satisfaction in vision and feeling.

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